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About Dalton’s Greater Works

We are a qualified 501c3 not-for-profit charity that serves homeless and indigent men, women, and children that live in our city. Founded in June of 1996, we have evolved from just four men from that park at Dalton Green in attendance and six volunteers cooking breakfast to presently providing 50-60 men and women with showers, clean clothing to those in need, and a couple of meals a week in our S. Thornton avenue facility. Our volunteer staff rotates service days and times to always provide workers to meet the demand for our services. In January 2010, we applied for and received our incorporation and listing as a non-profit charity. In doing so, we have the ability to expand and provide services to meet the needs that are being made known by the people we serve. Anyone who will walk, ride the weekly shuttle we run, or drive to the center will be served regardless of their place in life, homeless or otherwise. We work with the alcoholic, drug-addicted, mentally handicapped, or those who are just “down on their luck” in our community. Dalton’s Greater works follow the ‘cup overfloweth’ philosophy…everything comes from God and goes back to the people we serve. We do not profit or hoard in any way. Everything that is given to us for free is given away by us for free. All donations go directly towards the charity and the homeless. Help us help the indigent and homeless in this area through your time, talents, or donations.

Charity Founder(s): Mr. Robert & Darlene Hill

Food Pantry: Richard & Gail Lane


Ministry Directors& Leaders: Robert& Darlene Hill, Angie Maya, Richard &Gail Lane (Food Pantry), Bobby/Kevin/Robert (Day Center)
: Susan, Carol, Phyllis, Stephanie (and so many precious others)

Supporting Organizations: New Family Bridge Builders, RBCC, Christ Church, First Baptist, Godly Misfits, Rockstars Rock Bridge, Temple & Concord Baptist Churches and so many more (we thank you ALL!)


The homeless in Dalton vary from people who deal with illiteracy or addiction to people who have doctorates and have been successful business professionals. The economic downturn has severely impacted this area.



Standard Hours of Operation:
Day Center: Monday thru Thursday 10am – 2pm; Clothing & Food Pantry: Sunday 7:30am to 9am and Tuesday 4:30pm – 6pm; Donation Intake Saturdays 9am – Noon (please call ahead)Or by appointment (please call).

Contact Us

Telephone: +1 706-529 3757
Email: DaltonsGreaterWorks@outlook.com 
Address: 1001 S. Thorton Avenue Dalton,

GA 30720


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